Measuring coaching effectiveness: The 3-way conversation

mm__soaring_eagleThe head of coaching at a large corporate recently asked me “How do you measure coaching success?” The fundamental measure of any successful coaching engagement is observed behavioural change that meets both the individual’s and the organisation’s needs.

How to sell your agenda

I went to see Professor Martin Seligman present at the Sydney Opera House recently. The ‘father’ of positive psychology shared an anecdote that made me shake my head and smile.

Hard Work Is Not Enough: the unwritten guidelines to career success

I moderated an American Chamber of Commerce panel event at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney featuring former Qantas Chairman Margaret Jackson, Telstra Group Executive Brendon Riley, and leading technology executive and entrepreneur Jamila Gordon (who also happens to be my wife).

Understanding Willpower: how to avoid letting ourselves down

One of my clients has a fantastic plaque on his desk. It reads: ‘This conversation is on the record.’ When I asked him about it, he said “It’s there to remind me that as a leader, everything I say and do has an impact on those around me.