The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team powered by DiSC

World-renowned author and leadership consultant Patrick Lencioni’s company, The Table Group, has partnered with educational publisher Wylie to release ‘The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team powered by DiSC’

The Question Leaders Fail to Ask – part 1

When executives face a challenge (or opportunity), their thoughts typically turn to questions such as “Do I have the right team?” and “Have we clearly defined the problem?” While these are important to consider, there is another question that is absolutely crucial … and often overlooked:

“What is the nature of the system we’re operating in?”

Failing to ask this question – or getting the answer wrong – has ended careers and brought down companies.

The Merit Trap

Hiring on ‘merit’ perpetuates biases and penalises women seeking senior roles says .

How to take the bias out of hiring

Whether conscious or unconscious, hiring bias is real…and its a real problem. Study after study has shown that people tend to hire candidates who remind them of themselves, rather than the person best qualified for the job.