The Question Leaders Fail to Ask – part 1

When executives face a challenge (or opportunity), their thoughts typically turn to questions such as “Do I have the right team?” and “Have we clearly defined the problem?” While these are important to consider, there is another question that is absolutely crucial … and often overlooked:

“What is the nature of the system we’re operating in?”

Failing to ask this question – or getting the answer wrong – has ended careers and brought down companies.

The Merit Trap

Hiring on ‘merit’ perpetuates biases and penalises women seeking senior roles says .

How to take the bias out of hiring

Whether conscious or unconscious, hiring bias is real…and its a real problem. Study after study has shown that people tend to hire candidates who remind them of themselves, rather than the person best qualified for the job.

Great leaders embrace office politics

Office politics is a reality. Being good at your job is no guarantee of success or recognition: it simply gives you the right to play the game.