Whether conscious or unconscious, hiring bias is real…and its a real problem. Study after study has shown that people tend to hire candidates who remind them of themselves, rather than the person best qualified for the job. The  result? The organisation misses out on the best talent and suffers from a lack of diversity, which can lead to group-think and a stifling of innovation, all of which are killers in today’s disrupted, hyper-competitive world.

The most effective way to tackle hiring bias is not to try and change people, which is really hard to do (especially given that so much bias is unconscious). Instead, it is far easier and more effective to change the hiring process to eliminate bias.  The April issue of Harvard Business Review has a great article by Iris Bohnet that shows how.



“Revel is a realist with heart, and a great guy to have in your corner.”

Guy Wylie, Group Managing Director, Strategic Finance, Telstra

“It is rare that you come across a standout coach like Revel. He is equally comfortable (and effective) talking through a business issue,  career or leadership topic, or something in your personal life, and approaches all of these with warmth, expertise and candid feedback.”

Eric Ruggirello, CFO & Head of Healthcare, Bayer Canada

Revel asks really smart questions and applies a unique combination of professional expertise and business experience to help find the right answers. He understands both commercial realities and the human factors that affect them, applying his extensive corporate and coaching experience to bridge the two. He also brings an informed and insightful viewpoint to every discussion, covering all angles to allow an informed and strategic decision-making process for charting the best way forward.

Ben Lilley, Chairman & CEO, McCann Worldgroup Australia