Revel is pragmatic, digitally savvy and commercially astute. His coaching practice is based on four key pillars:

Corporate experience. A strong corporate background combined with a coaching practice spanning a broad spectrum of industries has given him a granular understanding of the strategic, commercial and political realities that executives face.

Coaching experience. Revel has delivered thousands of hours of coaching, spanning every major industry, working with leaders across Australia, Asia, the US and Europe.

World-class coach training. With a Masters of Coaching Psychology from Sydney University and certifications in a broad range of instruments and techniques, Revel draws on a comprehensive range of evidence-based coaching approaches.

Human connection. Revel’s natural curiosity and empathy quickly wins peoples’ trust, which allows him to engage in the challenging conversations that are central to driving change.

In addition to his coaching practice, Revel is a board member of the International Coach Federation Australasia Inc.